the Fifties


German radiodesign of the fifties showed the economical growth, and people were proud of the so called "Wirtschaftswunder". By looking to the names on the radio dials, they began to dream of travelling to countries far away. 

tin advertisment Valvo tubes

Nordmende Carmen 1954

Nora Norettine W639 (2 shortwaves)

Philips Marzurka

Philetta 1950

Philetta 1952

Philetta 1954

Loewe Opta Lissy3 1960

Loewe Opta Kobold (mit Puppenstubenradio)

Volltransistor Felap (1959)


french radio 50ties

Great Britain? 50er Jahre  

Grundig Röhrenkofferradio Drucktasten Boy 1955/56

Blaupunkt Derby um 1960

Derby 1962

my dad had such a radio in his car in 1960 DKW Junior

Akkord Kofferradio 1955

Akkord Pinguin 60 U

early walkman: Philips Mignon stereo und mono

Siku-diecats 50ties


(radio-) design could be much better: the BRAUN design was famous in Germany since 1955.

BRAUN Design

Daimon microphon

- not a radio, but beautiful!!!!  Bols Ballerina Bottle -


more pictures of wunderful german tuberadios from the fifties - much too big for my collection ;-) -

can be found at:

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