the first radios with speaker

radios became part of the furniture

tube radios from the early 30ties

Blaupunkt advertisment 1930

Siemens advertisment 1930

Owin E11W 1930  

(Owin advertisment)

Mende E38N 1930

Mende E108W 1931

Philips 634A 1931

Philips 930A 1931


Nora G 200 L (Gleichstrom) 1934

Nora, Membra, Ideal Sperrkreise

Saba 212 WL 1934

Staßfurt Imperial LW24 1937

swedish tube radio from the 30ties 

french radio end of the 30ties (Sonora?)

details of the dial  (who knows more?)

Speaker Beteco


 so called "Volksempfänger"

Microphon Telefunken ELA M 15 (for sale/trade)

gclasen, 07.03.2006