the twenties

how it started in Germany:

On the 29th Oct. 1923 the first official public radio transmission was held in Germany - the "Berliner Radiostunde" (Berlin radio hour) from the  Voxhaus ending with the famous sentence "und vergessen Sie nicht, Ihre Antenne zu erden" ("don't forget to ground your antenna!") In Germany the radiostations were controlled by the goverment.

who listened....?

In 1923 there were about 500 listeners, most of them with crystal sets, it was the time of the home made!

In 1925 you had to pay about 70 reichsmark for a crystal set, for a 4 tube radio - the state of the art - 500 reichsmark. The average money, a worker was paid in 1925 was 88 pfennig the hour!


radioamateur QSLcards from the late twenties

Radios from 1923 - 1930

crystal sets:

early coil - crystal set

Nora crystal set

crystal set (home made)

crystal set (home made)

big crystal set (home made)

shematics (original)

crystal set brand Håwe (Sweden)

Wisi Detektor Nr. 57 1932 back

massmedium radio

number of licend radiorecievers:

Dec. 1923


Apr 1924


Jul 1924


Oct 1924


Apr 1925


Jan 1927


Jan 1928



the monthly licence was 2 reichsmark in 1924 - 

and the programme....?

in 1930 the journal "Volksfunk" mocked about:

"ich hör mir den Minister an am Vormittag.

Und dann kommt noch ein zweiter dran am Nachmittag.

Und dann der Kanzler noch, ich wett, abends um halb acht.

Ich hör das ganze Kabinett bis mitten in der Nacht.

Militärmusike gibt's sehr früh am Vormittag.

Ein nationales Potpourri am Nachmittag.

Ein deutsches Lied, aus deutschem Mund Abends um halb acht.

Ich tanz mich national gesund bis mitten in die Nacht."

("I listen to a minister in the morning, and then to a second one in the afternoon. and after this the president, I bet, at half past seven. I listen to the whole cabinet just on to the night. Military music in the early morning - a national music mix in the afternoon. a german song, from german tongue in the evening at eight. I dance to national music just into the night")


tube radios from the twenties:

Mende E52 (3 tubes)

Mende E52 (open)

tubes: Telefunken RE034, RE 124, RE084


Marconiphone Model 47 1929

Speaker Philips Modell 2007 (built since 1928)

Speaker B.T.H. C3 (built since 1923)


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