Exchange program  Walburg college, Zwijndrecht - Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium, Norderstedt

                       Project: "our ecological footprint"

Wednesday, 21th of Sept. 2011  

The ‘ecological footprint’ is a measure of the amount of land required to support the lifestyle of an individual or country. It is calculated as the total of the different land use types (built up areas, grazing and crop land, managed forest land, energy land and fishing grounds) required for production and consumption of goods and services .
Ecological footprints are expressed in hectares per person. The larger the ecological footprint, the more resources needed to sustain an individual's current lifestyle.



tasks for today:


1. Listen carefully to the information on the "ecological footprint" presented by Kathalina, Lasse und Till. Ask questions!

2. Try to determine your personal ecological footprint by using one of the calculators! (every dutch/german couple works with one computer)


Now, change room to arts classroom!

3. Form new groups each consisting of two dutch/german couples and then discuss your results.

                   for example speek about:

4. Design a poster for a campaign informing other students about "the ecological footprint"!

5. Present your poster to the other students ............. and the teachers.

further interesting links on the ecological footprint:

gclasen, 19th. Sept. 2011